Free People's Army (Military)

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Free People's Army (Military)

Post  Mik on Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:02 pm

Current Military Numbers:

$3,000,000 -

  • Syracusan Hoplites Q7: 1000=$100,000
    Hoplites Q5:

  • Urban Militia Q2:
    Spearmen Q4: 15,000=$525,500

  • Toxotai Q4: 7500=$262,500
    Sicani Archer Warband Q6:

  • Skirmishers Q4:
    Peltasts Q5: 2000=$110,000
    Heavy Peltasts Q6:

Light Cav:
  • Urban Equestrians Q3:
    Sicani Horsemen Q5:

Heavy Cav:
  • Ippiko Cavalry Q6:

  • African Elephants Q5:100=$11,000
    Armoured Carthaginian Elephants Q8:

Light Inf:
  • Sicani Tribal Warband Q4: 5000=$175,000
    Sicani Raiders Q6:

Hvy Inf:
  • Sicani Chosen Warband Q5: 3000=$165,000
    Republican Guard Q9:

  • Sicilian Chariots: Q6:

Galleys: 80 = 80,000
Warships:50= $200,000
Battleships:20 = $200,000
Other: No Special Ships Yet

Total Expense: $3,000,000 - $2,515,500 - $480,000(-5%) = 456,000
=$28,500 Remaining

Total Army Size:
37,000 Infantry
7500 Archers
2000 Skirmishers
1200 Cavalry
200 Elephants
100 Chariots

11000 Hoplites (10,000Q5, 1000Q6)
15,000 Spearmen (Q4)
7500 Archers (Q4)
2000 Javelins (Q5)
1000 Lgt Cav (Q5)
200 Hvy Cav (Q6)
200 Elephants (100 Q5, 100 Q8)
7500 Lgt Inf (5000 Q4, 2500 Q6)
3500 Hvy Inf (3000 Q5, 500 Q9)
100 Chariots (Q6)

Syracusan Hoplites: Members of the moderate Greek Caste in the Free People's of Sicily, able to afford the equipment of a Hoplite. These men fight in a thick sphalanx formation using hoplons and dorys, most of the shields have the symbol of Sicily upon it, though this varies depending on the man who may prefer to have his family emblem upon it.

Hoplites: Members of the moderate Greek Caste in the Free People's of Sicily, able to afford the equipment of a Hoplite. These men fight in a thick sphalanx formation using hoplons and dorys.

Urban Militia: Facing invasion, the Free People's must band together to thwart their enemies. Those who cannot afford equipment or are of the lower class must be given a simple shield and spear to fight.

Spearmen: A group of seasonally trained men of all of the Free People's cultures. Most carry standardized spears, shields and if they are lucky, leather armour.

Toxotai: Greek archers equipped with a small shield, short bow and short sword.

Sicani Archer Warband: Brave Sicani warriors armed with a powerful bow the size of the average man. They fight with leather armour and an assortment of swords and axes.

Skirmishers: Young men who are equipped with a handful of javelins and not much else.

Peltasts: Greek skirmishers who fight using a small shield and sword, as well as a handful of javelins.

Heavy Peltasts: Professional skirmishers decked out in armour, equipped with javelins, a larger shield, a dory and short sword.

(Light Cav)
Urban Equestrians: When faced with invasion, the Free People's must band together to thwart their enemies, though the richer men prefer to ride. Though able to afford decent equipment, these men have no experience or training.

Sicani Horsemen: Bands of whooping, wild barbarian warriors equipped with an assortment of weapons and armours.

(Heavy Cav)
Ippiko: The standardized Greek medium/heavy cavalry of the time. They fight with mail armour, a long spear or lance as well as a cavalry sword.

African Elephants: Groups of elephants with their tamer a top. Though they are fearsome, they are not well trained.

Armoured Carthaginian Elephants: Elite elephant riders that prefer to armour their elephants. These beasts are richly adorned with mail armour and carpets, as wlel as having large towers a top them with archers. Many men attach weapons to the elephant tusks, such as flails, blades or spikes.

(Light Inf)
Sicani Tribal Warband: Groups of tribal warriors armed with whatever they can get their hands on, usually an assortment of swords and axes. Most fight with small shields, but it's not unheard of for some to dispose of them for mobility.

Sicani Raiders: Experienced tribal warriors armed with decent light armour and ferocious weaponry.

(Heavy Inf)
Sicani Chosen Warband: Professional Sicani men who dedicate their lives to raiding and fighting. Armoured in mail and fighting with shields and barbarian longswords.

Republican Guard: The shield that defends the Free People's. Armoured in the best cuirass and mail available, as well as large square shields. These men fight with heavy thrusting spears and an assortment of side arms such as long swords and war axes. These men are professionals and are paid for their service.

Sicilian Chariots: Large chariots driven by two powerful steeds. Each chariot composes of one rider and two other warriors, each armed with bows and dorys. These men are well armoured and trained, while the chariots are of a high quality, many are richly adorned or scythed.

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